Pay by Square Footage Quartz &granite prices

Granite kitchen countertops

Stop over paying for for the Slabs

Selecting Slabs  from KB factory outlet For your Quartz/ granite counters will always provide you with economical pricing options; but did you know that at KB factory outlet, you are only paying the square footage of material for your project requires?

This is often confuses to both homeowners and contractors . All other companies that provide slabs for your Countertops  are from wholesale distributors who sells only full sized slabs to fabricators. At the end home owners are paying for the wastage / un-used part of the slabs check our granite prices

When selecting granite kitchen countertops ,Quartz or Quartzite countertops at KB Factory Outlet, whether you are purchasing material for a whole house or a small vanity tops, you will only pay for the square footage of material required to produce your project. Eliminating wastage 

How do we do this ?

We have 3 locations serving Tampa bay with much larger volume in production & Installation  compare to other stone fabricators in this Area & We import all our products directly from Brazil , India, Italy ,Spain as Stone Distributors. Because of that there is No Middleman