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Bruce Taylor, Ruskin

"First walked into the main office at the Largo location and was greeted by Rey the salesman. He had asked what we were interested in and we told him we needed to see about counter top and get a quote. I forgot the kitchen layout and he was able to figure out what was needed by my quick drawing of the layout and measurements, which I had memorized due to having to redraw the plans over and over. I thought that was very professional. He then took us to the warehouse where we looked at the slabs of granite and quartz. I liked the fact that he was not one of those pressure salesman. Also helped that we pretty much knew what we wanted. We found a quartz that I liked very much and just happened to be on sale. After that we returned to the office and completed the transaction. Now we have to wait for the template to be done and I am hoping that goes as smoothly as it did with Rey. More to follow."

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Crema Marfil Marble from Spain is a classic cream marble with tan undertones 45$ per sq/ft.

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