Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone CountertopsGranite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone CountertopsGranite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

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Things you didn't know about quartz countertops

Quartz is one of the most sustainable and durable materials out there when it comes to kitchen or bathroom countertops. Although quartz countertops didn’t always have the popularity it possess today, more and more people have been discovering the multiple benefits of quartz giving it more chance to prove its usefulness. If you are thinking about remodeling the kitchen or bathroom in your home and have considered installing quartz countertops, here are some little know facts about the material that the Phoenix Quartz experts found to be fun and useful to know:

1- Almost every single quartz countertop there is came from the same place

In 1963an Italian company located nearby Castello di Godego town invented a technology called Bretonstone. This technology was used in manufacturing quartz countertops. To this day, every manufacturer of quartz countertops is still using the Bretonstone technology and system in the manufacturing process.

2- Go quartz, go green

Countertops that are made from engineered stones, especially quartz, are environment friendly as they use most of the waste that comes out from other manufacturing processes in the production process of quartz. This makes the manufacturing of quartz a kind of recycling procedure.

3- You might be walking on quartz at this very moment

The majority of people think “countertops” when they hear the word “quartz”. However, it is less known that enormous slabs of quartz are used in the floors of airports, shopping malls, and even Prada stores. If you have ever been to one of those places, you definitely have walked on the same material that quartz countertops are made of without even knowing it. 

4- Endless variety of colors and designs

No matter what a home design might require for a countertop, a customer will be able to find a quartz countertop that goes with it. Phoenix Quartz specifically offers an extensive range of every color, design, and shape any home could possibly need.

5- Quartz countertops are customizable

It is extremely difficult to have to parts of a granite countertop joined at a corner, unlike a quartz countertop which is very easy to customize. Even during the engineering process of the quartz countertop itself, the product can be customized to fit in any space no matter how narrow or small it may be. This is why quartz countertops are recommended for smaller spaced kitchens and bathrooms.


6- Granite who?!

For so many years quartz manufacturers and providers have tried to compete with natural stones like granite with the famously known advantages of quartz such as its durability, sustainability, and having no pores, in addition to the fact that many quartz countertops have this “natural look” that makes granite countertops more desirable.

In today’s market quartz countertops are so popular that more and more modern looking slabs that look nothing like a natural stone are being sold and used in more homes. In fact, the quartz sales are taking an increasing segment of the market share of granite that it may be actually causing a lowering in the prices of the natural, once preferred for countertops, stone.