Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone CountertopsGranite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone CountertopsGranite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops


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Pros and Cons on quartz countertops and how to get the best of it

The popularity of quartz is rapidly growing among interior designers and home owners alike. The smooth manufactured surface that is made of parts of natural stones mixed with hard resin is achieving a huge success which indicates that these beautiful and durable countertops are going to be around for a very long time. All of this success and popularity that quartz countertops have nowadays is thanks to its elegance and variety of colors and designs, as well as how low maintenance it actually is compared to other countertops and surfaces mad of natural stones. 

However, some people are still not sure about installing a quartz countertop since, let’s face it, everything has its flaws. The important questions here are:

1-What are the flaws or cons of having a quartz countertop for your kitchen isle or bathroom vanity?

2- Are those cons worth not having quartz countertops when weighed against the many advantages and pros of the manufactured surface? 

Our quartz experts at Phoenix Quartz answered these two questions for you so that you are no longer confused about what to install for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, so, to make a clear and solid decision about that matter, read on!

Pros of quartz countertops:

1- It is beautiful!

One of the most known facts about natural stones such as granite is that each slab of it is unique and you can never find a slab that is similar to the next. As much as appealing and interesting this may sound, it is completely impractical when it comes to installing multiple slabs side by side. You can never have a consistent look with a natural stone because of this uniqueness. On the other hand and due to the fact that quartz is man-made, the look of the quartz slabs is 100% controlled. Everything is chosen during the manufacturing process from color to design and edging. This makes quartz a much suitable choice for the consistent look a customer would want in their kitchen or bathroom.

2-  Quartz is extremely durable.

Having a perfect day every single day is utterly impossible. Everyone have their quiet nice days and have their busy and messy days too. Especially in large families with children mess is the more likely scenario. This is the case where the durability of a quartz countertop becomes the key value in the equation of selecting the right material for the countertops since it is the hardest and most durable surface on its market.


3-  Low maintenance.

As most people may already know, quartz is a non-porous surface thanks to the resin included in its manufacturing. Thanks to this, quartz countertops are less likely to get a resistant stain or harbor bacteria which mean that countertops made of quartz are the easiest to clean and maintain.

Cons of having a quartz countertop

1- Relatively high price

Although there are a very few things that can make a customer steer clear of quartz when it comes to disadvantages, many people will avoid installing a quartz countertop because of its high prices. But, if you really think about it, if you invest in a quartz countertop, you are getting your money worth and more. 

2- Not so much of a classic look

Quartz countertops tend to look better with modern or contemporary surroundings. So if your home is on the classic end, quartz countertops are not the best choice for consistency purposes.

3- Heat issue.

The resin top that covers a quartz countertop melts at 300 degrees which makes the quartz resistance to heat is less compared with a granite countertop for example.