Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone CountertopsGranite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone CountertopsGranite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

Quartz Countertop


Why you must have a quartz countertop in your bathroom

Recently, quartz became one of the first materials that come to mind when thinking about installing a new countertop in the kitchen. If it were not for its high prices, quartz countertops would have become the go-to option for almost every single kitchen. However, this is not often the case when it comes to bathrooms. For some reason, people tend to consider quartz less for their vanity and other bathroom surfaces. Well, our specialists in Phoenix Quartz say that this is a huge mistake to look over quartz for vanity and countertops when remodeling your bathrooms and here are a few reasons why:

Quartz does not get water stains

Most of us can make their peace with a little bit of mess knowing that it will be cleaned up soon, right? But what if this mess was just cleaned up, you cleaned every single room of the house and went to have a shower or just wash your face in your freshly-cleaned spotless bathroom and once you finish you find those annoying little drops of water that you know are going to stain your vanity and make all your hard work go to waste. If this is too much to take for you, then what you are looking for is a quartz countertop in your bathroom. Quartz will always stay smooth and shiny clean with no stains no matter how long those drops of water stay there. 

Quartz is much easier to clean

As a matter of fact, it is more convenient to have a quartz countertop in the bathroom than in a kitchen. The reason why is that, in the kitchen there is grease, there is olive oil, vinegar, wine, and even gum, whereas in a bathroom, what is the worst that could happen really? Some dried soap that you forgot to wash off? A wet cloth of a smooth wet sponge will clean this in less than a second. No effort or time is needed to clean a quartz countertop, especially in the bathroom.

Quartz is better for the health of your family

Quartz is a man-made material; while manufacturing it, the resin is used to cover the surface of each quartz slab which gives it its shiny look and smooth feel, but more importantly, resin gives quartz countertops a far more useful quality and advantage over natural stones which is covering and sealing the pores. With no pores, quartz has no place to hide bacteria which, in a bathroom, an ideal situation since bathrooms are one of the most places that are prone to harbor bacteria.

Quartz lasts for long time

Quartz is a manufactured stone with super durability. It is very hard to be able to break, fragment, or even scratch a quartz countertop unless this is what you are deliberately trying to, but that is another story; as far as the normal daily uses with normal accidents, like dropping something heavy on your countertop, go, you will be having your quartz countertop safe and in a condition good as new for a very long time.  

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