Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

Granite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone CountertopsGranite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone CountertopsGranite/Quartz/Exotic Natural Stone Countertops

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How quartz countertops are made

When a person is making a decision of purchasing anything, he or she needs to do their research and educate themselves about this item well enough so that they are able to make the best choice. Especially if this purchasing decision is about something as expensive as a countertop and as long lasting, hopefully, extra focused research is required. 

Sometimes when you are researching a topic, you find yourself wanting to know all there is about this topic to feel the satisfaction of having complete information that you can trust to make a thoroughly calculated decision or just out of curiosity. And if you have been looking into options for countertops materials, you must have come across the fact that quartz is not found in nature in the same form as it is in countertops and that a slab of quartz is manufactured. In case this fact surprised you and made you curious about how a quartz countertop is made, you have come to the right place.

Mining quartz out of the mountains

What you need to know first is that quartz a mineral made of oxygen and silicon and it is the second most found mineral in earth. Its natural structure made quartz one of the most strong and durable materials there are. Quartz is very common that there are quartz mines almost everywhere in the world. However, quartz exists so deep inside earth that it needs heavy explosives and expensive machinery to be extracted. Once the quartz is out, its pieces are extracted in multiple shapes and sizes using bulldozers. 

Manufacturing Quartz countertops

After the mining, the extracted quartz pieces are categorized in groups according to their quality and the possibility to use them. The producers of quartz countertops get the pieces of the stone that goes into the manufacturing process by the ton, bigger pieces are broken to be more manageable too. The biggest piece of quartz that goes into manufacturing countertops is no larger than a pebble; otherwise, quartz is grounded to a sand-like texture. These sizes are the best for forming the most beautiful designs and patterns for countertops. The best and most used colors of quartz in manufacturing slabs of countertops or either clear or white; this is also better for having complete control over what color the countertop is going to be.

These little pieces and grains of quartz are then mixed with resin in a ratio of about 93% quartz and 7% resin along with other minerals that are usually added to give the quartz slab it recognizable color. The mix is then formed into a slab and put in a special oven for specified duration. After the quartz slab cools, it is polished and that would be the final form of a quartz countertop and it is what you can get at its best quality from Phoenix Quartz. This slab of quartz is what reaches the client and get installed in the kitchen or bathroom after is has been properly edged.